About KAO-YU


KAO-YU PRECISION MACHINERY began with the most basic three grinding and polishing machines, and always insisted on the most rigorous attitude of each processing manufacturing process. In order to make professional technology more sophisticated, Takahata also spent a lot of effort on various types of machines. In terms of research, in addition to accumulating all kinds of experience in constant trial learning, in addition to refining the original grinding and polishing process, it is also possible to carry out maintenance and repair of various types of grinding and polishing professional processing machines and develop related peripheral products such as metal polishing and polishing. EX: Buffing discs, fixture plates, trimming drawings, peripherals, etc. Takahisa cannot be said to be very comfortable along the way, but under the spirit of "conscientiously doing every processing," there are many years of support and suggestions. With high-level teachers and friends, Gaochun Precision Machinery will pursue more specialized technologies and better services.