You do not have to wear authentic green tea "Matcha mill" to help you do it
Coffee grinder is quite universal, but now Sharp (Sharp) introduced Matcha grinder may quite a novelty. Sharp "HEALSIO PRESSO" is the world's first Matcha mill, and still follow the traditional practice of tea the way, even the tea is brewed from stone.Lapping Machine
"HEALSIO PRESSO" Matcha mill retains the traditional Japanese green tea tea all the details, first grind pot of tea is added to the right were "pull tea" Matcha powder grinding operation, grinding jar is the imitation of the traditional way of grinding stone. Then milled green tea powder the middle of the boiler, make two steps "boiling tea" and "some tea," if you like to drink with milk, also in this step will replace milk tea boiled water use.
The so-called "spot of tea" is the use of tea bamboo brush for utensils (pronounced with significant) bamboo tool to green tea in a strong formation of air bubbles the important step to increase the taste of green tea, while the bottom of the boiler turbine agitator before pouring the tea completed "some tea."
While drinking green tea and green tea taste similar, but the difference is to drink green tea also drank tea powder, tea nutrients absorbed 1.9 times higher than green tea, but also drank more than 88 times the dietary fiber. And green tea powder in addition to making good ground as well as a number of magical effect, can be used to flavor other dishes embellished with, it can be added directly to the dough making green tea flavored desserts.