Kistler popular on both sides of the island are crazy foreigner
Taiwan's ornamental stones, rocks popular mainland tourists love, over and recent Association of ornamental stones, in addition to regularly hosts will appreciate, but also to take so that people on both sides to appreciate, promote exchanges. Some friends from foreign countries, like Taiwan's stone, from time to time to the river or the mountains looking for stones.
Under the promotion of the Association around the ornamental stones, combined with Taiwan's ornamental stones exhibited diverse art, such as painting, calligraphy, wooden, even combining religion and thereby bring out the elegant stone contains mood.
Memo man from Turkey, said he liked the Taiwan stone, had to find a shape like a stone in Hsinchu, Taiwan's head before the river, though weighing 12 kg, but still effortlessly moved back home, only a simple home polished very nice. Memo currently working in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan five years has come from time to time will be pieces of Taiwan rivers and mountain treasure hunt.
Taiwan cities and counties have a hobby ornamental stones of civil institutions, like Changhua Gu Yue Folk Museum has organized "beautiful stone feast - often people eat culture" exhibition, invitation to play rock up to ten thousand people Qin Qingshan rocks on display and pluralistic Taiwan food culture as the background, to join the United States and stone elements, so people feast for the eyes.
Ya Stone Art Institute also regular exhibitions, Founding President Lai Jinsheng believe that people who love each stone silly, silly cute to see when your favorite stone to the field, will travel long distances to carry home.
The Society chief executive, said Wang Zhaoming, good little rock, looking for hundreds of years, thousands of years, hundreds of millions of years of rock, is unlikely, all the stones to look for people, which is destined will meet. If people the opportunity to find a nice ring stone, subject to post-cleaning brush clean, then the traditional way of raising stone, watering every day, dried, in such a wet thousand repeated, the stone pension, return to Park, at least 3 years time .
In the process of collecting stones, he learned to thank the universe, nature. Find a torrent, carrying heavy stone away and in the process of hardship are not simple; when you watch the ornamental stones, like the microcosm of nature, sometimes long-term perspective, imagine wandering, space, time infinite wonderful, everything is hard work worth it. Polishing Machine