Specifications Type 900
Disk outer diameter 916 mm
Maximum admitted diameter of
work piece
342 mm
Minimum work
piece thickness
0.3 mm
Surface precision 0.2-0.5u
Rotating Speed 10-60 R.P.M.
Main shaft horsepower(HP) 7.5HP variable speed
pump’s horsepower(HP) 1/2 HP
Automatic controller 0~999 min
Net weight(NW) 1350 Kg
Mechanical Size 1200*1350*1000 mm
Standard accessories according to the
actual equipment
*Specification, size, and equipment will be subjected to change without prior notice
  Optional equipment
1. Disk cooling water circulatory system
2. Self-timer fixed amount spraying device
3. Stainless steel conditioning wheel
4. Diamond disk repairer
5. Precision ruler
6. Granite examination platform
7. Electrical control system (with program control and a 5.7 " color touch screen)