Basic specifications

Basic Introduction

Basic Introduction


Type 900

Disk outer diameter

916 mm

Maximum admitted
diameter of work piece

342 mm

Minimum work
piece thickness

0.3 mm

Surface precision


Rotating Speed

10-60 R.P.M. 

Main shaft horsepower(HP)

7.5HP variable speed

pump’s horsepower(HP)


Automatic controller

0~999 min

Net weight(NW)

1350 Kg

Mechanical Size

1200*1350*1000 mm

Standard accessories

according to the actual equipment

*Specification, size, and equipment will be subjected to change without prior notice .

Characteristics and applications

Optional equipment

1. Disk cooling water circulatory system 
2. Self-timer fixed amount spraying device 
3. Stainless steel conditioning wheel 
4. Diamond disk repairer 
5. Precision ruler 
6. Granite examination platform 
7. Electrical control system (with program control and a 5.7 " color touch screen)