Basic specifications

Basic Introduction

Basic Introduction


Type 16B

Maximum Size

DIA 400 mm

Minimum Size

0.2 mm

Maximum Thickness

70 mm

Working pressure range

0~300 kg

Dimensions of grinding disk

1127*397*507 T

Upper disk weight

350 kg

Lower disk rotational speed

0~60 RPM 60 HZ

Clamp quantity


Clamp specifications


Total watts of overall
drive motors

(main drive motor)

Grinding fluid motor

1 HP

Air pressure supply


Net weight of machine


Dimensions of machine

*H3150 mm

*Specification, size, and equipment will be subjected to change without prior notice.

Characteristics and applications

1. The machine is suitable for mass production and high precision operation. 
2. Flatness precision for work piece can reach 0.2μ -0.5μ. 
3. The machine is applicable to work on things with different shapes and different at the same time. 
4. There is no influence on temperature and distortion, even if the work piece is as thin as 0.20m/m. 
5. Maintenance of the grinding disk is available during manufacturing process, which there is no need to stop. 
6. Uses a 4-way planetary operation. 
7. The upper and lower grinding disk, and the center gear wheel are independent and driven directly. 
8. The upper grinding disk can sway to 90 degrees, functions with back pressure during descent, and possess a five-stage pressurization function. 
9. Operation uses Japan-made OMRON which has program control and touch screen (or products with the same grade). 
10. Thickness control uses Japan-made Mitutoyo optical ruler control, which has the function of setting 5 sets of parameters (or products of the same grade). 
11. The pressure of air uses FESTO digital valves from Germany, which precision is to two places behind decimal point (or products of the same grade). 
12. According to the client’s requirements, can designate the brand of components for use or change the machine design. 

Optional equipment

1. Optical ruler thickness positioning system 
2. Disk cooling water circulatory system 
3. Diamond disk repairer 
4. Disk repair gear 
5. Precision ruler  
6. Granite examination platform